A Town Of Majority Rule, Or Not



I find it very difficult to comprehend why a town has to provide its officials with such super-super job security. Most working people, through long careers, could be dismissed by one person if they were unable, or unwilling, to properly perform their duties. There is no reason for a town to function differently.

The town manager should be managing the operating procedures of the community and town officials. That's what he is hired for. Control over the officials should be his and,if a person is not properly fulfilling their duties, there should be a reprimand and, if thought necessary, a dismissal. If appropriate, an appeal could be filed. Then, a majority vote should finalize the issue.

Revoking this super-majority vote has nothing to do with wanting to rid the town of certain individuals -- only to allow the majority rule system to function the way it was meant to be in the U.S.A.

Jack Jasper, Payson

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