Beginning Of A New Smear Campaign?



Don Crowley's letter intimating that vendetta politics are being played by Mayor Ken Murphy and Councilman Henley is undoubtedly the beginning of a smear campaign and another round of misleading letters from the group, People for Payson.

This organization is an alliance of developers, Realtors, investors and some so-called progressive businesses intent on keeping control of the council through having at least two of its puppets sitting up there. For the moment, they are calling themselves "Citizens For Better Payson Government".

Better government is not what they stand for.

As you look at the council in their chairs, you will see PFP's most loyal representatives to your left of the mayor.

Of course PFP opposes our new town manager having any power and the council being able to say "yea" or "nay" to his recommendations by a simple majority. That would upset this control- and power-hungry organization, which wants the public monies spent on its projects. And for too long it has been successful.

PFP is not a citizen-friendly organization. In fact, it's an unregistered political action committee beholden to the business community. Our streets are in horrible shape because PFP-controlled councils have diverted public monies to buy pretty new infrastructure and try to pump up old Main Street as a tourist attraction.

When Crowley writes that our mayor wants to get rid of the police and fire chiefs, he is misstating several points.

The dirty and hostile politics of PFP may drive away good people from town government. We cannot afford to lose the few truly qualified people now employed here.

So I say to PFP, call off your attack dogs, quit the lies and leave our new town manager alone. He is a breath of fresh air for the foul atmosphere that PFP has brought to this town.

I hope a goodly number of citizens realize the games that are being played here.

Margaret Ross, Payson

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