Granddaughter's Wedding An Emotional Day



My husband and I took another trip to Yuma this past weekend for our oldest granddaughter's wedding. It was an emotional day for me to see my daughter give away her daughter in marriage.

There were copious tears all around, and in spite of that, everything else went like it was supposed to. The bride was beautiful and the groom was nervous, as he composed a song and sang it to his new bride -- that really made the tears flow.

The reception was in our daughter's back yard with white twinkling lights everywhere. It looked like a fairy tale come true. Our younger granddaughter caught the bridal bouquet, so it looks like our daughter will go through this again, maybe real soon. My son-in-law took it all in stride, and said, "Oh well, I guess I better start saving for another wedding right away."


Phyllis Mullen will be adding another candle on her birthday cake Feb. 2, Ground Hog Day, and Lorraine "Bo" Mathews will be adding another candle Feb. 5. Both these gals are in the local pool tournaments every week, and they are both very good at it.

Speaking of birthdays, Grace Daniels celebrated her birthday Jan. 28 during the Ladies Pool tournament. Lori Mulvey presented a great looking cake to her long-time friend Grace. It must have been a lucky day for Grace, she walked away with third place for the tournament.

Patty Boeschling and Phyllis Mullen took first and second place. Harvey Poyner, Danny Whitmore and Tony Urrea walked away with the top honors on Sunday afternoon.

Congratulations to all six winners.

The play's the thing

Don't forget that there will be a hilarious skit called "Gun Smoke Again" put on by residents in the Village Feb. 15. Put that date on your calendar, it will be a performance that can't be missed. Ethel Cain also has arranged to have a dinner before the performance and will be served up until to 7 p.m. The meal will be chicken-fried steak with all the trimmings.

Tonto Village Fire District

Chief J.R. Alliger wants to remind everyone that help is still needed to clear brush from the Control Road island. The brush needs to be put into piles so that it can be burned at a later date.

He also wants everyone to know that only fire department personnel and local residents can operate chain saws because of the liability involved. Anyone outside that can avail themselves of the downed wood only, and of course to help stack brush.

If you have any questions concerning the wood or the use of the chain saws, contact the chief at 478-4875 or 478-0404.

Chief Alliger also needs a volunteer to organize and run the check point that will be going on for the fire season starting this spring. The weather does not look good for a rainy season and the check point will be absolutely necessary to cut down on access to the driest areas of the forest. If you would like to help out, call the chief at the fire station.

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