Save Your Trees, Before They Get Infected



Hunter Creek Homeowners had their meeting last weekend and the main topic of discussion was Arizona's insect epidemic.

Much of Arizona is currently experiencing a large upswing in piñon and ponderosa pine mortality due to the outbreaks of several species of Ips beetles and the western pine beetle.

Millions of ponderosa pine and piñon trees have been killed.

This is the largest bark beetle epidemic ever recorded in Arizona.

Many more trees are expected to die, especially if we do not get more moisture.

There is nothing you can do to save a tree after it has been successfully attacked by bark beetles. It needs to be cut down and hauled away.

However, there is something you can do to help protect your healthy trees from becoming infested. They can be treated with annual applications of a preventive insecticide. The entire surface of the trunk and limbs must be sprayed all the way to within a few feet from the top. You will need to be careful in choosing an insecticide.

Typical home and garden insecticides will not work. According to Ed Armenta of the Payson Ranger Station, a brand called Carbaryl used with 7XL is the best for this problem.

For more information contact: Chris Jones with Gila County, (928) 425-7179, or John Anhold of the USDA Forest Service, (928) 556-2073.

Many of us moved here because we love the ponderosa pine and if we do not find a way to help these trees, we may not have any left.

Fire safety

Chief Kent Courtney is putting together a Fire Prevention and Public Safety Committee. He will be assigning two fire department representatives to each homeowner's association area. These members will work with the property owners to provide needed information and resources to reduce fire and public safety hazards in each area.

By having these representatives, there should be someone accessible to the community at all times.

The team approach is the only successful way to defend our community from catastrophic disaster.

It will require organization, which the fire department will provide, and team effort from the community, county, state, federal government, Forest Service, RPAP and other agencies.

The first Christopher/Kohl's Fire District Fire Prevention and Public Safety Committee meeting will be at 2 p.m. Feb. 8 at Station 51.

Valentine's Day

Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church will have a Family Valentine fellowship, featuring a devotion on "Love" given by Pastor Ed Hepworth, at 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 14.

Bring a favorite dessert and a snack for games.


Birthdays this month: Nicole and Matt Zimmerman, Feb. 3; Shelly Sundra, Feb. 5; Mary Lou Boyington, Feb. 6; Don Pennington, Feb. 14; Betty Lusson, Feb. 17; Brooke Ann Vickers, Feb. 18; Dave Lloyd, Feb. 19; Michael Ronn, Feb. 20; Dale Hansen, Feb. 24; Don Lawlin, Feb. 27.

Happy birthday to one and all.

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