Stadium Wins In Credit For Kids Tax Campaign


The totals for the Credits for Kids tax program are in and the Payson High School Stadium Project is the big winner.

Of the $175,212.35 collected, $40,388.18 was earmarked for stadium improvements that will include expanding the seating capacity of the stadium that is the smallest in the 3A East region.

The new home stands will be constructed on the north side of the football field.

The original stadium project included installing an all-weather track surface which was completed last summer. With the new track in place, all money received from Credit for Kids can now be directed towards upgrading the stadium.

Expanded and improved seating will be good news for Longhorn fans who for years have been uncomfortably packed into the aging stands.

Another sign-up

Because Little League registration was disappointing, officials will soon consider hosting one final sign-up for prospective players. A date for the registration has not yet been confirmed.

According to Little League Treasurer Kim Sleeper, about 80 players less than anticipated signed up at a series of four registration periods held in January.

"The numbers are down, so we want to give (parents and players) one last chance," Sleeper said. "My phones been ringing asking if they can sign up, so I know there are more (players) out there."

One of the reasons that league numbers could be down is the misconception that teenagers cannot participate on the newly formed Rim Country Middle School baseball team and also play in Little League.

"They can do both," Sleeper said. "The Little League season will not begin until the junior high season is over."

Registration for Little League is $40 per player, but a discount is given to families with more than one child participating in the program.

When registering, parents must provide a certified birth certificate. Photocopies of birth certificates, baptismal or hospital certificates are not acceptable proof of age for Little League.

Also, parents must provide proof of family residence in the Rim country. Driver's licenses and utility bills are acceptable.

Youngsters 7 to 15 years old are eligible to participate in the program. Ages are determined as of July 31.

The farm league is made up of 7- and 8-year-olds; 9- to 12-year-olds compete in both the minor and major leagues. The senior league is designated for 13- to 15-year-olds.

For more information, call Sleeper at 476-5275.

Big winners

Kay Wagner and Chi-Chi Chavez of Roosevelt pocketed $3,697 in cash and prizes for their first-place finish in a recent AllStar Bass Couples Tournament at Apache Lake. The championship pair weighed in a six-bass limit of 15.75 pounds.

The only other Gila county anglers to finish in the Top 10 were Clifford and Alicia Pirch. With 11.97 pounds, the pair finished in 10th place.

The next couples tournament is Feb. 15 at Bartlett Lake.

Call (480) 894-2775 for more information.

Soccer meeting

There will be a parent/player meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 6 in Room 6 at Payson High School for all boys interested in playing high school soccer for the 2003-2004 school year. Changes in the program (fall to winter sport) will be discussed.

If you have any questions, call Roger Wholly at 474-2233 or 474-8785.

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