We Need To Maintain Balance



With Payson as my chosen home town, I can not restrain from a couple of comments.

Every candidate in the last election espoused how they wanted to hear from the public and would have a Town Hall type of meeting where the citizen could address them. The only question was. Would we have 1-2 or 4 meetings a year. Well once again it seems they are all politicians with no statesmen or --tateswomen on board for they are fast approaching a year with zero Town Hall Meetings.

I like what Don Crowley said about the simple majority vote. It is wrong to unbalance things the other way. A 5 to 2 vote was an excellent idea and needs to be instituted.

Once the council has completed their restructuring of Town Hall Staff; it would be an excellent time for that Town Hall Meeting mentioned above to get the public's input into what they are deciding to do. From the simple majority idea of 4 to 3; it would seem they may swing too far the other way.

Hoby Heron (former Payson councilor), Bend, Ore.

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