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Q: Why does Arizona call themselves Game and Fish, when every other state calls themselves Fish and Game?

A: Craig McMullen, local Game and Fish field supervisor, isn't sure, but he suspects it might have something to do with the fact that the department was originally the Arizona Game Commission.

"That was clear back in the early 1900s," he said. "Then later we took over fish as well."

Different states use a wide variety of names, according to McMullen.

"Montana is something like Fish and Parks, Wyoming and New Mexico are Game and Fish, Colorado is the Division of Wildlife, and then you have the Florida Game Commission," he said. "Whatever you call it, it's still the same thing."

Q: I heard the high school doesn't have money for graduation this year. What's up with that?

A: The new track at Payson High School is the problem, according to math teacher and senior class sponsor Kara Huskey.

"The situation is that the seniors want to have graduation at the football field, but you can't put chairs on the new track without damaging the surface so it has created some additional expense," Huskey said. "If chairs are put there, they'll have to cover it with plywood and that would take about 1,000 sheets of plywood.

"It's not that graduation is not going to happen. It's just a matter of working out the details or finding another location."

The Payson Event Center is booked for May 24, which is graduation day. The Wilson Dome at PHS is another option, but acoustics are a concern with that facility.

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