Carp Not Best Idea For Cleaning Lakes



Concerning an article written by Publisher Mr. Richard Haddad, on front page June 27, 2003, about introducing algae-eating carp in the Green Valley Lakes -- I hope that the folks responsible for keeping the lakes clean will do some research and find a better way to control the algae than bringing in carp.

According to the World Book Encyclopedia, carp also destroy the eggs and breeding places of more valuable fish. It has been about 40 years now since I saw Cachuma Like near Santa Barbara, Calif. almost ruined by carp. They multiply rapidly, and are a trash fish. Most fishermen who catch them will kill them and throw them away on the lake bank where they rot and stink.

I have seen carp nearly three feet long, and nearly impossible to get rid of. Mostly, they are too bony and coarse-fleshed to be good food fish.

A lot of Payson folks fish the town lakes for trout. From experience, I think carp will ruin this sport. There are many urban lakes in the Phoenix and Mesa areas. Let us see how they handle this problem.

Art C. Buckner, Payson

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