Dead Trees May Be Tax Write-Offs



Want tax deductions for your dead pine tree?

Environmental Timber is a company in Payson that was formed to help with the cumbersome process of reclaiming our private property from bark beetle infestation, fire damage and fire danger.

EMT is a private company dedicated to addressing environmental needs in a way that provides an economic benefit to forest communities. Donation of your merchantable timber is deductible under IRS rules and according to your personal tax situation. You can go to their website at and find out how to get rid of those dead trees, and write it off on your taxes.


Happy Birthday this month to: Don Rhodes (July 8); Patty Boeschling (July 9); Travis Kilbourne (July 11); Taylor Jo Armistead (July 20); Bianca Malmin (July 25); Rebecca Jones (July 29); and Steve Sundra (July 30).

From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, there will be a fundraiser barbecue at the fire hall with hot dogs, bratwurst, potato salad and more. Stop by and show your support.

The following was submitted by Gary Anderson, president of the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association.

Fire Board under fire

For reasons that remain a mystery, the Christopher-Kohl's Fire Board, elected by the citizens of the fire district, have come under considerable fire by a secretive "group" calling themselves the Coalition of Concerned Citizens of Christopher Creek.

At the May meeting of the fire board, a member of the audience stood up and insisted that if elected fire board members Mikey Marazza and Jerry Fisher did not resign immediately, they would be subject to a recall petition. No reason was given at the time for demanding the resignation; just that they must resign within two weeks or a recall petition would be started.

Later, it was reported, an unsigned, certified letter was received by Mikey Marazza and Fisher, listing among reasons for their resignation "demeaning gestures and condescending attitude to the public."

At the subsequent board meeting in June, it was again demanded that board members resign, the same threat was made but this time the person said the petition was being circulated and contained a number of names demanding resignation of all three members, adding Power Webb, Chairman. Resign or face recall.

What is behind this heavy-handed, bullying behavior? Is it the overwhelming rejection of the proposed adoption of the Uniform Fire Code in last fall's election? Some feel that this rejection was not received well by the backers and the current "heat " is a form of response.

Does someone have other hidden agendas? What is the point of threatening and demanding the resignation of a duly elected board? A board made up of very familiar, well-known, well-respected community leaders?

A very troubling aspect of this turmoil is that a mystery "group" is apparently trying to overturn the voice of the electorate for unknown reasons.

Should just two members of the fire board resign, the board would be dissolved, and the administration turned over to the county.

The county may well be equipped to administer our fire department, or they may not. During the fire season, with Summerhaven on our mind, and a number of fires around the state, it seems not the time to be playing with fire.

The next meeting of the fire board is at 7 p.m. Monday, July 14 in the fire station. You might want to attend.

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