Pine Visitors Urged To Bring Water


Visitors to Pine and Strawberry are being asked to bring their own water this holiday weekend.

In a press release issued Wednesday by Brooke Utilities, owner of both the Pine and Strawberry water companies, spokesperson Myndi Brogdon pleaded for cooperation from out-of-town visitors.

"Keeping all of our customers in water is paramount to Brooke Utilities," she said. "It is vital that our summer, weekend and holiday guests bring a supply of water with them to conserve this precious resource."

Specifically, Brooke is asking visitors to bring their own drinking water, do their laundry at home and adhere to posted conservation levels.

"The difference is in the weekend use," Brogdon said. "Our full-time people are existing on a bare minimum of water.... The weekend use drains the system."

Conservation stage guidelines have fluctuated rapidly between Stages 1 and 4 in Pine this summer. Since the stages reflect how much water is in the storage tanks and the ability of the wells in the area to refill them, they are an indicator of how fragile the water system is.

"Strawberry Water Company customers have never been placed on conservation guidelines, however we do ask that Strawberry water customers use water wisely this holiday weekend as well," Brogdon said.

Pine Water Company is supplementing local supplies by trucking water, a cost that is passed on to customers. July water bills will, for example, include a surcharge for the cost of hauling water in June.

For the latest updates on conservation levels call (877) 287-1795. To report an outage, call (800) 270-6084.

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