What's Up?


Q: What happened to all the Canada geese that used to remain here during the migration of the rest of the ducks and geese? Did somebody eradicate them because some of our illustrious citizens couldn't get along with the wildlife once they got here?

A: "The Canada geese migrate, too," Parks Director Bill Schwind said. "There was absolutely no eradication."

Q: In Friday's paper, Gary Roberts of the Payson Ranger District says that 80 to 90 percent of all forest fires are caused by humans. What about lightning-caused fires?

A: The 80-90 percent figure is a national average, according to Roberts, Payson Ranger District Fire Prevention Officer.

"Because the Rim country gets so much lightning, it's pretty close to 50-50 -- human-caused and lightning-caused, and that's only because we're one of the premier lightning spots on the planet," he said.

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