Attacks On Murphy Do More Harm



I have known Ken Murphy and Julie Foster for several years. I know Ken to be fun, caring, loving father, good Rotarian, senior army officer, and hardworking. He is dedicated to serving this community.

Even his actions at the Oxbow at last year's Rodeo were well intended in defending the owners of the Oxbow that invested thousands of dollars in this community, and were only opened a few weeks. The owners were challenged at every turn by various town departments.

I know that Julie and Kenny had a squabble, but I know it never met the level of domestic violence. But, I guess he and Julie are the only couple in Payson that had a disagreement last year.

I and many other business leaders in this town are sick of the constant letters, paid ads, and attacks on our mayor. These attacks have done more to harm Payson than anything Ken has done. Trash talking Julie or Ken is just ugly and below the belt.

You would think that the town's budget, potentially devastating fire season and town commerce would be more important to discuss -- and I know those are the concerns on Ken Murphy's mind.

Kim Jim

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