Forest Health A Result Of Mistrust



I noticed that the issue of forest health reared its ugly head again in the Friday, July 4 edition.

The reason our forests are in such disrepair has little to do with logging, lawsuits, or elk running around playing with matches. This disrepair has everything to do with mistrust. All sides mistrust the others and while the sides throw blame and allegations at each other, the residents of the Rim country sit and watch the forest turn to kindling.

I went through NAU's Forestry School in the early 1980s. We spent four years learning how to create healthy forests. Four years of curriculum is certainly too much to reiterate in a letter to the editor, but the point is that the secrets to forest health are out there, and have been for many years.

Albeit 20 years too late, hopefully the Governor's forest health commission can mediate the mistrust and get down to the brass tacks of keeping all of us from going up in smoke.

Chris Kline

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