Reality Tv And Reality Life



In Thursday's Arizona Republic (July 3) there was a cartoon on the comics page. "That's Life" depicted a woman watching TV and calling to her husband, who had his head in the refrigerator, "Honey, come quick - Somebody else is about to get kicked off something."

Yes, we are a nation hooked on reality TV. On a weekly basis, someone is "kicked off" for being a non-performer or a non-achiever. It's only too bad that this is reality TV and not reality real life. No one seems concerned with the self-esteem of those that are given the boot.

When was the last time you read or saw a government employee who really "screwed up" pointed to the big exit of bureaucracy? When was the last CEO, financial manager or corporate president shown the door for bilking investors out of millions? Most of these go on to better jobs or bigger bonuses.

Think about how long ago it has been that "little Johnny" was held back in the third grade because he was not performing to standards.

We are a nation that refuses to recognize the consequences of being in the lower percentile of achievers and performers. There is no such thing as "cause and effect" if someone's self-esteem is at stake.

Maybe, just maybe we are a Nation gradually waking up. We find a vicarious outlet is seeing someone removed who didn't fit. Maybe we are tired of political correctness, social engineering, and the attitude of no matter what you do, there are no consequences. Maybe, on a subconscious level we are crying out for fixing things by removing, not moving, the problem. Perhaps we yearn for reality in life, not just on the TV screen.

Chuck Heron

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