Resident Appalled At Lack Of Respect



Originally from NYC, I thought I would spend the twilight of my life in a smaller, wholesome, community.

I believed Payson projected that when I began coming here. As a matter of fact, I moved here permanently when I thought of retiring.

As a resident, I am appalled at what has been happening here. Prominent individuals are making news that would be better dealt with in manners other than are being demonstrated. It is embarrassing to say the least.

Young people are looking at the comedy of politics. People need to take responsibility for their actions, however, mudslinging, in my opinion, never serves anything but to dirty both parties. Retaliation only adds to the fiasco.

Respect for individuals, the town, authority, and the community in general is being overlooked.

I, for one, would appreciate an end to all this. If there is an issue with the mayor, let it be resolved. Not by commenting on his private affairs, or bringing in other issues, whether fact or fantasy.

Members of the council may be overlooking the fact that they should have the best interests of the town as a priority.

The current activity is anything but complimentary to the community.

Lu De Somma

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