Right School, Wrong Place Attitude



In response to Right School, Wrong Place, this sums up the attitude of many. We want to show support for programs to better our community as long as it is not in our own back yard. As long as we are not inconvenienced in anyway then we will agree with the process and even claim some of the glory of the results.

Children are the most important investment that our community has. Anyone over the age of 35 has to agree that the value systems our children are being taught are quite different from those that we were.

The work ethic is gone, the value of the dollar is gone, respect for others is gone, the whole idea of charity is gone.

The Payson Community Christian School is a place where my children are being taught about more than the ABC's. The word of God is part of the daily norm and my children are being taught about responsibility and respect. The children who attend Payson Community Christian School have parents who actually care enough to be concerned about not only the education of their children, but how they will turn out as adults.

They are active in the school and expect the best from their kids.

We also want the place where our children are being educated to be a pleasant place to go. And many of us are volunteering to help with the construction of the new building and will put in hours of our own time to ensure that it will be place that shows our love for the Lord and respect for the neighborhood. The building will not look like a big airplane hanger.

The school board has agreed to put up block walls, stagger start times and anything else they can do to be a good neighbor. We don't have school buses as was a concern mentioned in the article. The Right School, Wrong Place group does not give us any better options.

We have been searching and there really is not a better place for the school in the Payson area.

Due to the growth of both the school and the Assembly of God Church, the School had to vacate the Assembly of God Church at the end of this last school year.

The Mud Springs Rd location is perfect to suit the needs of the school. Right School, Wrong Place group, by disputing this project and not offering any better solutions you will cause our children to be displaced for the new school year.

Karyn Nelsen

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