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Q: I heard that skylights are the Achilles heel of many homes in the path of wildfires. Is that true and if so is there anything that can be done short of taking them out?

A: It's true, according to Chris Jones, University of Arizona extension agent attached to Gila County.

"After a fire, officials go back and see how a house ignited," Jones said. "They're finding they don't start on top of the roof. Winds carry the embers and they land on skylights. They crack the glass or melt through the plastic on a skylight and drop down into the house."

To minimize the risk make a box of wood and nail shingles or some other roofing material to it. Keep the box on your roof near the skylight. When a fire approaches, cover the skylight with the box.

Q: I live in the Green Valley Park area and the noise from teenagers at night is really bad. Can anything be done about it?

A: "The park is open until 10:30," Parks Director Bill Schwind said. "There is a noise ordinance. I don't know what kind of noise they're complaining about, but any radios or car stereos or anything like that which can be heard at a greater distance than 150 feet is enforceable by the police department and should be reported to them."

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