Woman In Coma From Horse Riding Accident


Round Valley resident Tammy Trella is in a coma after falling off her horse on Outlaw Trail behind Payson's Sonic Drive-In June 27.

Trella, who is four-and-a-half months pregnant with her third child, was air-lifted to Maricopa County Hospital in Phoenix after firefighters arrived on the scene, said Sherri Dashney, a close friend of Trella's.

Trella fell headfirst into the ground when she tried to grab the reins of another horse that had spooked during a horseback ride. Trella was riding with one of her teen-age daughters and her daughter's friend, Dashney said.

When she leaned over to grab the reins, her horse sidestepped, causing Trella to fall and injure her head.

"I've seen horse trauma before," Dashney said. "And going headfirst from a horse down a hill is not good."

Dashney added that she and Trella's family are optimistic about her recovery.

So far, doctors are unsure of the baby's health, but Dashney said she and Trella's family were able to listen to its heartbeat and that it was strong.

Trella is currently in critical condition.

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