Mother Tired Of Lies About Mayor, His Fiancée



I have come to the conclusion that if the Payson Roundup did not have our mayor to write about, they would not have anything to write about.

I can't believe the amount of hate, viciousness, innuendoes and out-and-out lies brought against another human being, as has been displayed in this newspaper. The vituperation that has been brought against him is disgusting, to say the least.

All this hate for a man who works very hard for the people of Payson, for one reason only -- because he cares (especially for the little guy).

This constant trashing of our mayor is being fueled by a group of evil-minded, mean-spirited people that have nothing better to do than indulge in character assassination. Now, they want to start on Julie Foster, Ken's fiancée.

For those of you who do not know Julie, let me enlighten you. She is a very hard-working woman, good mother to her children, and a faithful companion to Ken. But then, assets do not seem to count in this town -- only liabilities, and filthy lies.

Unlike most of you out there who get all your misinformation from this paper, I happen to know firsthand about the latest brouhaha concerning Julie, and our "illustrious" councilwomen, and, believe me, she had every reason to be irate.

I was relieved to read Barbara Brewer was keeping herself behind a locked door. This is where she belongs. She may also try putting a zipper on her mouth.

In my recent Time magazine, there were several articles on Ben Franklin, who we all know was a publisher of his own newspaper. I would like to quote one very significant line of his. "I myself have always refused to paint such things as might do real injury to any person."

It would be nice if this paper felt the same way. More than nice, it would be the decent thing to do.

Pat Harley, Ken's mother, and proud of it, Payson

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