Officials Say Beetle Plague Will Run Its Course



Density and the current drought conditions have caused the forest to be inundated by the horrible bark beetle. Christopher Jones, an extension agent for Arizona, says that the bark beetle epidemic is going to run its course.

John Anhold ---- also of the U.S. Forest Service ---- said because of federal bureaucracy, it will take a minimum of two or three years before the Forest Service can implement a program.

Do we have that much time? Can we afford to wait? As I drove to Payson Tuesday to shop, I almost cried for our beautiful forest. Our magnificent ponderosa pines are turning brown and dying. Many of us moved up here because of the beauty of these ponderosas.

On the editorial page of last Friday's Roundup, there was a letter from Cecil R. Sims of Payson about the bark beetle. Mr. Sims brought up some good points. Maybe everyone who cares about the beauty of our forest should write a letter to the Forest Service asking them to manage our forest and bring back the timber industry to clean up all those dead, infested trees before a fire comes through here and does it for us.

Take a few minutes and sit down and write a letter. It just might be what we need to do to help solve this problem.

Anyone who has any other ideas feel free to let me know. E-mail me at or call 478-4519.

TV time

I would like to thank Steve Bodinet and his cameraman Mike Schmitt from NewsChannel 3 for coming up Wednesday morning to the Rim country and filming different businesses. Steve has been coming up here for years and he loves this area as we do. The footage should run on the 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. broadcasts July 16. Tune in and see what they all have to say about our wonderful Rim country.

That same day is Christopher Day and NewsChannel 3 will be here all day filming different places and talking to the locals, so get out and meet the TV crew. They are really nice and you just might find yourself on TV.

The Christopher-Kohl's Fire Department made more than $800 on their festivities for the Fourth of July, and no fires were reported.

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