Tymeless Antiques & Treasures A Great Place For The Hunt


Summer is great, but the heat can be a little staggering, so finding a nice, cool place to while away the hottest part of the day is a real treat.

Find that treat at Tymeless Antiques & Treasures in Pine. The store -- an antique emporium -- is owned and operated by Larry Baker.

"Like our ad in the paper says, we invite people to come in and browse," Baker said.

With room after room and even a porch and patio of antiques and collectibles, a good thorough browsing of Baker's store will take at least a couple of hours. Just a quick walk-through, with only a pause or two can take half-an-hour.

Tymeless Antiques & Treasures offers goods from a variety of vendors as well as Baker.

"Probably the thing we have the most of right now is glass ware," he said.

However, there is much more to see: furniture, both antique, vintage and reproductions; vintage linens and accessories, even a few pieces of clothing; collectibles, including advertising pieces; pottery for the patio as well as inside ... the extent of the inventory is really something.

Tymeless Antiques & Treasures started in a building near its present location. There was less than 1,000 square feet, now the shop takes up the entire building that was formerly ChooChoo's on Hardscrabble Road, next to the fire station.

Baker took over the business in November 2002. He was in banking before that, and after going through four layoffs as his banks merged or changed hands, Baker said he decided to try something new.

The business was moved into the Hardscrabble Road and Prince Drive location in April. By May, Baker was ready to expand into more of the space and finally, last month, he took over the entire building. The business has been growing to fill the space all along. It includes dealers from the Pine and Strawberry areas who wanted to streamline and just rent booth-type space -- though the "booths" are more like magical little nooks -- plus Valley dealers who wanted to expand into the Rim country. The shop also carries quality consignment pieces, Baker said.

"I was surprised when I heard none of the other places did consignment," he said. That aspect of the business has brought in some extraordinary pieces: a beautifully restored wood-burning stove from the turn of the 19th century (which sold almost as soon as it was on the floor); there is a Hoosier cabinet that came from a woman who had to move back to the Valley from Pine and the piece just would not work in her new home; and more.

Baker himself has always liked antiques and been a collector for years. He is a fan of auctions and buying trips, but since taking over the business he has not been able to indulge in the hunt for his own pieces.

Watching his customers, he said the popular pieces vary from day to day, but there is a trend for his dealers.

"Dealers carrying a variety, including antiques, collectibles and reproductions do the best business," he said.

Baker recommends novice collectors -- either of collectibles or antiques -- "find something you truly like or love and then start buying and collecting because you like it."

The future for Tymeless Antiques & Treasures could include an appraiser coming in to help residents of the area determine the worth of their treasures. Baker still has space available in the shop for a few additional dealers, so the inventory could be expanding.

"For now I'm just going to wing it and go with the flow and see what happens. When you do that you leave yourself open to new opportunities," Baker said.

The store is at 3716 Prince Drive, Pine. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

For more information, call 476-4618.

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