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Q: On the front page of last Tuesday's Roundup, a chart showed the salary ranges of various town employees. I'm wondering why teachers aren't on there? I would guess they're somewhere around street mechanic.

A: Teachers' salaries were not included because they aren't town employees, but you're guess is very close. The minimum for a street mechanic is $27,120, while the minimum for a first-year teacher with a bachelors degree is $27,000.

The Payson Unified School District wants you to know, however, that because of Proposition 301 monies, performance pay and the career ladder program, nobody actually made that amount. In fact, the lowest salary for the 2002-03 school year was $29,861, while the highest was $63,897, and the average was $40,291.

Q: There's an increasing number of large semis in front of the Best Western Payson Inn. Doesn't the town have an ordinance against trucks parked in such a visible place? It's beginning to look more like a truck stop than a place of lodging.

A: Not on private property in a commercial area.

"We like to sell rooms, and the fact that we have room for trucks is a competitive advantage," hotel manager Corky Barker said. "In fact, I'm just working on my AAA ad and putting in ‘oversized parking available.' They keep us alive during the winter months."

Barker also wants to point out that truckers are among her best customers.

"They come in, they don't cause any disturbance, they hardly dirty their rooms, they sleep a few hours, they're up and they're gone," she said. "They're just really good guys."

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