How Long Are We Going To Continue Support Of Illegals?



The proposed initiative, Protect Arizona Now, which is hoped to be on the November 2004 ballot, is long overdue. How long must a state who is in financial jeopardy continue to finance illegal people who do not care to become citizens of our country, or even enter on a legal admittance.

My heart goes out to people who are so aborted by their own country and are willing to chance their lives for what we citizens have fought, died, and worked for -- a better life to live. Although we are not a nation of revolutionists, at one time, when our lives were at the whims of a mightier nation, we struggled, fought and died for freedom from an unfair regime. Might this be more satisfactory to die to make countries better than to run away from a cruel government?

This initiative would require local government workers (that means Payson people, too!) to check the immigration status of everyone seeking public service, housing subsidies, and library cards. This seems a little price for us to pay to make sure that our taxes are going to people who care enough about our country to do military service, pay state and federal taxes and taxes on numerous other things. Supporting the illegals (those who enter our country against our laws) for many free hand-outs that they are receiving is just as wrong as allowing thieves to go without arrest or prosecution, because they are guilty offenders of our laws. These immigrants are still able to obtain schooling and medical care according to this initiative. The sponsors do not seem to be monsters, but brave enough to voice an opinion and do something about it.

Please, whatever happened to common sense in our government and among our politicians? Are they so greedy and ambitious that gaining a minority vote is more important than our country's good, and the good of citizens?

Democrats who oppose this initiative are seeding their elections by votes of many ignorant, poor and religiously zealous minded people who think the laws are offensive to these people's rights. Republicans seem to not care, or remain silent for fear of lost votes.

For heaven's sakes voters -- wake up, care about what is happening to your country, and vote. Wipe out the virus of apathy -- now.

Julie Lynch, Payson

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