Is This A Great Country Or What?



The completely absurd, naive and gullible, such as Ms. Myers, are given a forum to expose their egregious ignorance regarding this nation's immigration debacle.

I love it.

Although the poor thing is to be pitied, she has certainly qualified herself to join the pandering and self-serving in the political arena.

As a California resident, I am looking to get out after 38 years here. Not the economy or corrupt government ... although they are real ... but the fact that Mexican nationals have overrun this place in the worst ways possible.

Your area seemed appealing ... less crowded, perhaps a little more like America than Mexico ... but then I see you printed the same pandering letter from the unfortunate Ms. Myers in Spanish. Good grief ... they got you guys too.

Author Tom Robbins got it right when he said "... good bye melting pot, hello chamber pot."

Tom Wright, California

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