Pet Food Runs Low At Shelter


They haven't actually hung decorations, but pet food supplies are running so low that the Payson Humane Society has launched a Christmas in July food drive to re-stock their shelves.

"We have our food drive in November and the food normally carries us to July or August, and we are really low so we're begging," PHS manager Diane Fitzpatrick said. "We have 70 dogs and 73 cats, and our capacity based on cage room is 55 dogs and 60 cats."

Kitten and puppy food is especially needed, but supplies of regular dog and cat food also are in short supply. Dry food is preferred to wet or canned, according to PHS dog supervisor Ann Campbell, and certain brands are preferred if donors have an option because consistency in the animals' diets results in fewer digestive problems.

"Purina has a really good cat chow and also kitten and puppy chow," Campbell said. "And regular Pedigree in a yellow bag or Purina dog chow (are preferred) for the dog food."

Dog and cat treats also are needed.

"These animals arrive so frightened, and a treat means this person is going to really care about them," Pat Boettcher, president of the PHS board of directors, said.

Donations can be dropped off at the shelter, 812 S. McLane, or in the big white and black spotted cans at Safeway, Bashas and Payson Feed & Pet Supply.

For large pickups, call Boettcher at 474-9833.

Free kitten offer extended

The Animal Shelter's free kitten sale has been extended through August, manager Diane Fitzpatrick said.

"People pay half-price or $25 for a kitten and they get a $25 gift certificate they can spend on cat food, litter or other pet supplies," she said. "In effect, the kitten is free."

An $800 donation from Thrivant, a senior citizens' group, is being used to cut the $50 fee in half, while Mazatzal Casino is providing the $25 gift certificate for Payson Feed & Pet Supply.

Shelter hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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