Shame On You, Mr. Mayor



He said ... She said ... What is this all about?

I can hardly wait for the next issue of the Roundup to read about the exploits of our esteemed mayor.

Mayor Murphy -- time to call it a day -- you are not only an embarrassment to yourself, but also to the town of Payson.

Example: "I'm the mayor, and I can do as I please" act at the Ox Bow. You were fortunate that you were the mayor. If an "ordinary" citizen would have carried on like you did, they would have been put to the ground, handcuffed and taken to jail. A privilege of office.

Your S.S. (secret society) does not seem to be working either.

Your latest tirade of harassing councilwomen is just another chink in your armor.

When you resign, or are recalled, take councilman Reese with you. And, to your other crony, Randy Roberson, I've found another use for the Roundup you may want to consider. Use it to pick up all the bull you spread so generously around town.

Seriously, Mayor Murphy, save what little face you have left, resign.

Robert Rable, Payson

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