Similarities Between An Illegal Alien And Burglar



I take exception with Ms. Myers position as stated in the opinion section of the Roundup (July 11).

I'm not sure she is so impassioned in her position that she cannot see the similarities between "illegal immigrants" and a common burglar. They come into your home, uninvited, often under the cover of night. They help themselves to things that you worked and paid for, in this case social services, and rightfully belong to you as a legal citizen.

The key word in the debate is "illegal" or "criminal action," not racism as she has intimated. To resort to name calling and PC labels whenever you have a differing viewpoint is usually an indicator that the name-caller has no viable solution to a very divisive issue and is an attempt to redirect the debate away from the root problem.

Of course, we can all believe that simple "understanding, acceptance and tolerance" are the end-all solution to a problem that has plagued this nation far too long.

Perhaps the gentleman whose wife was stabbed to death recently by someone who entered their home, uninvited, bent on taking things that didn't belong to him, should have applied that oft-used liberal axiom, "They are simply trying to make a better life for themselves" and simply let the burglar go about his business.

I think not in that case, and I think not with the situation with "illegal" immigrants coming into this country, illegally. I find it unfathomable that anyone would propose that we simply accept the current situation of illegal immigration without taking action that would ensure an outcome that is most favorable to this nation, first and foremost. Strong, decisive action is generally what is called for to address such a critical, out of control circumstance.

I'm not sure that the initiative Ms. Myers finds so objectionable is the ultimate solution to the root problem of "illegal" immigration, but it is an attempt by someone to do something to effect a change in the destructive course that we find ourselves currently on.

I would encourage her in the future to refrain from labels and name-calling, and focus her energies toward turning the "illegal" aspect into "legal," which seems to be what is really troubling her and will ultimately relieve her from the guilt she has of being American.

Ron Hamric, Pine

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