Time For Council To Act Like Adults



Jimmy and Billy were playing in Jimmy's back yard. They had a disagreement and began pushing and shoving and yelling at each other. Jimmy's mother heard the argument and went to see what was amiss. Jimmy told her, "He said ..." Billy burst out "But you said ..."

Jimmy's mother asked the boys to come in and have some juice and cookies and talk about their dispute. After administering the snack, she began to ask the boys what the argument really was about. It turned out that the boys really couldn't remember how it started, but were angry that the other was trying to say they were the better person. Jimmy's mom suggested that in the future, before they started yelling and making accusations, they sit down with a snack and figure out what they were really fighting about.

When we elected the town council and mayor, the citizens of Payson expected considerate adult behavior from all members of the council, including the mayor. They also expected that any disagreements would be handled privately between the concerned council members in a mature manner.

And they expected the Payson Roundup to report on the business of the council without enumerating all the squabbles that would normally arise between the various town council members as they expressed diverse opinions.

However, this town council and the town administration seem bent on publicizing every difference of opinion and "he said-she said" incident, many times involving fire or police departments in the equation. And we citizens sure didn't expect the Roundup to use up space with these squabbles when they could be informing us of what is happening in the Rim country.

Maybe we had better send Jimmy's mother to the town council meetings and let her teach our council members that there are other more mature ways to handle disagreements that are going to occur between people who have to work together and don't always see eye to eye. And we would hope that the Payson Roundup would focus in the future on the more positive actions of our town government and devote a lot less space to issues that should be settled privately.

Lucy Briggs, Payson

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