Time For Mayor To Resign



Last Thursday, July 10, at the non-agenda portion of the council meeting, Mayor Ken Murphy introduced Sharon Jackson and myself as "members of his fan club." To set the record straight, neither one of us are members of Mayor Murphy's diminishing fan club. Also, to set the record straight, I want to review some of the facts that I stated to Mayor Murphy and the town council at that time.

Dec. 9, 2002, Carol McCraney, as chairman, and I, as co-chairman, formed a recall committee, and obtained documents from the town of Payson to start recall petitions to recall Mayor Murphy. The recall was for controversial events he was involved in with the Payson police, and the fire marshall. Mayor Murphy is scheduled to appear in court July 31, and Aug. 14, 2003, regarding these events.

Dec. 10, 2002, we were informed that a meeting was scheduled for the next day, Dec. 11, 2002, between Mayor Murphy and representatives of the "Citizens for Better Payson Government." After the negotiations with Mayor Murphy, which included a request for him to resign, Murphy agreed to sign a pledge that, "Should I be the cause of a public and controversial event during the remainder of my term, I will voluntarily resign my office as mayor." He also stated in the pledge that, "I love Payson and I want to continue to serve as your mayor. I want to do so in a way to bring honor to you. I know how to do the job -- and I have learned a very hard lesson in what it means to let you down."

During the Dec. 12, 2002 council meeting, Mayor Murphy read the pledge addressed "To the citizens of Payson." Because of this pledge by Mayor Murphy, we suspended activity on the recall the next day, Dec. 13, 2002, which we felt was the honorable decision to make.

Since that date, Murphy has been the cause of several public and controversial events. Although he denies it, the statements made by Murphy on a local radio station, (recorded), and other methods of communication, have attempted to discredit the Payson police chief, and his department.

Two weeks ago, he verbally attacked, with foul language, Vice Mayor Barbara Brewer and Councilwoman Judy Buettner. It is time for Mayor Murphy to make the honorable decision, and resign as mayor of Payson.

Gordon Metcalf, Payson

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