What's Up?


Q: I've been trying to access the Payson Unified School District website and can't. What's going on?

A: The PUSD website (www.pusd.k12.az.us) is under construction, according to Susan Campbell, curriculum secretary.

"We're working to update the district part of it and then the schools need to keep theirs updated," Campbell said. "We hope to have it online by the time school starts, but time is growing very short now.

"When it was first designed it had all the mascots on one of those portal pages, and if you didn't know which mascot went with which school you didn't know what to click on. But when you got past that portal page you could get to our main page and to any of the school's individual websites.

"This time we want to keep it very simple and keep it updated, so we'll probably eliminate that portal page. We'll also have our application on there and our job postings."

Rim Country Middle School's website can also be accessed separately at www.rcms1.net, but not right now. It was knocked offline by a recent power outage.

Q: Are there any statistics on the percentage of growth of Payson over the last seven to 10 years, or even the last three or four years?

A: "We do track population growth," Community Development Director Bob Gould said. "We go back to 1970-something to show population in 80 and 85 and 90 and 95 and 2000. We also use the state estimates on a yearly basis."

The latest estimate for this year is 14,900.

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