A Proposal Or Two



Where's the marquee?

I want to thank the community that has responded to my two art and craft shows each year for six years at the Gila County Courthouse. For a community that seeks to have events and dollars spent here, we need to make some big additions to the rodeo grounds if we want to see it used more often.

I have outgrown the courthouse grounds, but I need a good a location that tourists can see. It's location, location, location!

The rodeo grounds could do that! Of course, the first big need is for covered grandstands, so those buying tickets for entertainment don't have to swelter in the afternoon sun. Each of my suggestions could get a leg up if a service club, lodges and the tribe, offered to pick up part of the tab for them or match what the town could come up with.

The other is the need for an electronic billboard like the one McDowell Casino has as you go down Highway 87 to Phoenix, and the one Yuma County Fairgrounds has on 32nd Street in Yuma. This could announce events coming, as well as those happening, as people enter the town over the top of the hill. When there are no events, the town of Payson, and chamber of commerce could pick up some advertising revenue.

I know I would use it if it was put up, because at the present time there is no way to advertise on the state right of way approaching the grounds, and the city parks and recreation has nothing there one can use to advertise events. Do we need a community fund drive? What? Where do we begin?

Dean W. Schlosser, proprietor, Mt. High Days Celebration / May; Zane Grey Days & Country Fair / October; dba Classic Community Celebrations

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