Illegal Immigrants Could Pose Health Hazard



I just read the opinion written by Roundup intern Amanda Myers called "Illegal immigrants deserve services" (July 11, 2003). I am so sick of us giving illegal immigrants constant services when I watch Vietnam vets and the elderly in this country lose their benefits and have so much taken from them. Yet, many legislators and the media continue to support them.

I can't believe you had the audacity to publish her opinion in Spanish.

I find it extremely agitating that some lawmakers constantly push for us to provide services for these illegal immigrants from Mexico when they seem to have no respect for Americans.

Beyond the fact that we are cheating American citizens, if we continue to encourage illegal immigrants in this way, we are also setting ourselves up for a potential large-scale health hazard. This is because they enter this country without the required immunizations that are designed to protect the general population. This especially puts our children at risk in public schools with the possibility of tuberculosis and other communicable diseases.

Pat Conrad, Payson

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