Illegal Immigrants Are Hard Workers



I read the letters to the editor regarding "Illegal immigrants deserve services." It made me feel ashamed to live in Payson, and to be in any way associated with people that have so much hatred against the illegal immigrants.

The majority of illegal immigrants are very hard workers. They come here for a better life. They are employed earning minimum wage, at many fast-food companies, hotels, landscaping and construction. (I will not name the companies -- we all know who they are in Payson).

Over 50 percent or more of the local Payson residents will not be employed at these companies, because they don't provide health benefits, and the wages are too low.

The local Payson residents, who are employed at these low-paying jobs, either quit for a better job with health benefits, move out of town, or they are unable to deal with the financial pressures of a small town and become involved with drugs. This leaves their employer having to deal with a high turnover rate.

High school kids are usually employed at low-paying fast food jobs. When school starts, the employers find it difficult to hire somebody for lunch hour shifts, or night shift managers are pressured into filling these positions without having a high turnover rate, which causes unsatisfactory customer service.

One person wrote "Since the onslaught of waves of Latino immigrants began arriving at the beginning of the 1980s, our prisons cannot be built fast enough." Please, let's remember the FBI's profile of a serial killer is "a white male in his 30s." This doesn't mean all white males in their 30s are serial killers.

Another person wrote comparing an illegal immigrant to a common burglar, because "They come into your home, uninvited, often under the cover of night. They help themselves to things that you worked and paid for." I think that person has been watching "The Grinch That Stole Christmas" too many times. (I thought about other vulgar, nasty things to write, but I didn't want to stoop to his level.)

The letters to the editor policy states: "Letters should stick to issues and avoid personal attacks." Apparently some readers didn't read that section. Let's try to stick to the issue and facts, avoiding personal attacks, or name calling. Otherwise, some people might mistake it as "racism."

Brenda Olmos, Payson

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