Just Give Me A Good Cup Of Coffee



Re: Starbucks

Those business owners accusing people of preferring chains to Mom & Pop operations are wrong. I always support local businesses, and am usually pleased with the product and attitude of privately-owned small establishments. However, the only time I order coffee with a meal is when I'm in San Francisco. That's the one city where, it's been my experience, you can't get a bad cup of coffee or a bad piece of bread.

The weak stuff that is served in most "coffee shops" isn't worth wasting money on. I only drink one, maybe two, cups of decaffeinated coffee a day, so I want taste, aroma, and freshness.

I've been a customer in each of the businesses mentioned, and they all put out a good product regarding meals, bagels, pastries and cookies. But coffee? ... uh uh.

I owned a restaurant, and people always raved about the wonderful cup of coffee I served. Did I use some expensive, exotic brand? Nope. Fresh water, fresh coffee, using the suggested amount of coffee to water.

I don't want latte, or any of that other expensive, fancy, high caloric stuff ... just a good cup of coffee. Starbucks always provides that.

C. Anne Boisvert, Payson

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