Kudos To Payson Inn



In the "What's Up?" column of the July 11 issue of the Roundup, a reader asked the question of why such a large number of semis was appearing in front of the Best Western Payson Inn. And, Corky Barker, the manager of the BW Payson Inn, provided a precise, excellent answer. Kudos to Corky.

Just by the tone of the way the question was asked, it seemed like the reader may have resented those parked semis disturbing the beauty and solitude of the Payson scene. But let me ask the anonymous reader (no signature is required in the "What's Up?" column), a question or two:

When was the last time you stopped at a railroad crossing in Payson? When did you last see a four-engine transport plane landing at the Payson Airport? And, since oxcarts and mule trains are no longer used, how about the last caravan of cars, SUVs or pickups you saw coming up the Beeline to Payson?

You say there are no railroad tracks serving Payson. Right. There's no bulk airfreight service to Payson. Right again. There are no small vehicle caravans coming up the Beeline to supply our beautiful community. Yes, you are right once more. Let me assure you if it weren't for the semis that supply this town on a daily and nightly basis, we couldn't last a week here. There's no more than a three-day supply of groceries in all the stores combined in Payson. Just try to grow enough food to feed your family in this granite/sand soil, especially without water. You can't do it. Gasoline is delivered daily. Even your piped-in propane requires a semi load daily, even more in the winter months. And, that's not even considering all of the other things that come into our community every day in the vans of a tractor-trailer rig.

I've never driven a semi, wouldn't even know how. But, I take my hat off to the men and women who pull those loads to Payson, making it possible for me (and all the rest of you) to survive in this beautiful, but isolated community. And, if some of those drivers choose to spend the night here, well, I feel honored. Let this be their home away from home.

Buck Horn, Payson

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