Not Racist, Just Concerned Taxpayers


Re: Illegal Immigrants Deserve Services (Payson Roundup, July 18)

Ms. Myers' guest comments on the illegal "alien" initiative are both insulting and naive.

If I understand her reasoning, anyone who supports the initiative requiring proof of legal status in the U.S. before receiving social services is a racist. Could it not be that we are just concerned taxpayers?

Ms. Myers states that since illegals pay sales and income taxes, they pay for their own social services. Unfortunately there are several flaws in that statement. These include:

  • The amount of taxes paid on the wages made by these mostly uneducated workers is probably less than $3,000 a year. If they have one child in school they have already cost us more than they have paid in taxes.
  • he cost of healthcare for illegal aliens runs in the billions. Instead of going to a physician's office, even for simple things such as a respiratory infection, they show up in emergency rooms. They do so because a physician's office would require payment and they know that by law an ER must treat them regardless of their ability to pay. Many times a false address is given eliminating any chance of collection. These costs are then passed on to paying customers and insurance companies costing citizens even more in higher premiums.
  • Uninsured aliens also cost us billions in losses and higher premiums from driving with no insurance.

While Ms. Myers may argue that there are U.S. citizens that fall under the above examples, the glaring difference is that they are legal U.S. citizens. She seems to think that everyone, citizen or not, should be treated exactly alike. What kind of rights do you and I have if we go into other countries? None. Have we not all read the accounts of Americans sitting in Mexican jails for years with no trial?

She also states that the illegal aliens can't wait the years necessary to come here legally. People from countries all over the world do. Why can't the people of Mexico and South America follow the same laws?

In closing, she says that those wanting the initiative on the ballot should realize that it makes them a bad neighbor. What does that make the illegal aliens who break the law by coming here and taking advantage of social services meant for U.S. citizens?

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