Vote Yes For Bond Issues



Shortly, Payson voters will be receiving a mail ballot to vote on a major capital improvement project for the town. I had the privilege of serving on the committee that developed the plan to present to the voters.

Why do we need this project? Every city and town must keep up with its infrastructure, and this is the most efficient way of financing improvements and repairs. Without basic maintenance, the quality of life that attracted each of us to Payson, will suffer. This is a fact faced by every municipality.

Street quality and traffic flow cannot be overlooked. Bad streets cost us money by the damage they do to our vehicles and consideration must always be given to the fact that poor streets cause accidents. As more and more people move here, or visit this area, traffic congestion is impossible to avoid without careful planning. And, certainly, there is a concern about emergency vehicles reaching those in need in a timely manner.

Our pedestrians are at risk every time they venture outdoors if they have to walk where there are no sidewalks. Many times, I have watched our children leaving school and walking in the streets with the risk that entails.

The ballot will soon be in your mail. I hope the citizens of Payson will not disregard the importance of this election and this method of voting. Please take the time and effort to study the capital improvement plan, and I encourage you to vote for the improvements to keep Payson a safe community in which to live -- the result of not doing so will come at a much higher cost.

Barbara C. Ganz, Payson

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