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Q: I was wondering why last year the Fourth of July fireworks were canceled because it was so dry, but this year we still have no rain and we had the fireworks? What's the difference? Is this just a gimmick to get the Valley people up here to spend their money?

A: Payson Fire Marshal Jack Babb made the call, and here's his rationale:

"Yes, we're still in a drought condition, but humidities change from day to day and week to week. We were comfortable enough with the higher humidities we had been experiencing and with the reduced winds and with the location that we could have the show without incident or with a very minor incident. We also had several trucks patrolling the area, from the type 6 brush trucks to the type 1 engines. We also had paramedics standing by in case of injury.

"Last year with the fires going and everything still fresh in everybody's mind, it was not a good time to have a show. This year we didn't have the major fire we had last year, and everybody is trying to return to a state of normalcy."

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