A Blue Ribbon Garden



Mr. Ted Bollier at 412 W. Blackberry Lane in Whispering Pines, and his granddaughter, Lannie Elliott, 12), Payson, have won several blue ribbons at the Gila County Fair for their gardening efforts without any municipal water being used for irrigation.

Mr. Bollier has developed a cistern storage system for rain water which consists of 50 gallon barrels and a 300 gallon tank, all total a capacity of one thousand gallons.

The water is collected from building runoff into the cistern then distributed onto the garden by means of a submersible pump placed in the tank or one of the barrels.

Each vegetable planted has its own separate section bordered by wood or brick. Prior to planting, the soil is specifically prepared for each species. With the help of his granddaughter, Ted's garden is planted, maintained and harvested.

This year's crop consists of corn, chard, peas, beans, tomatoes, onions, turnips, cucumbers, squash, spinach and carrots.

Next time you find yourself in Whispering Pines, stop in at Ted Bollier's and get a guided tour of his and Lannie's garden.

Dave Ross, Payson

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