Adapt Your Technique To Changing Weather



A trip to the lake in July can offer a plethora of changing fishing conditions. If you adapt your fishing strategy to fit each condition, you can catch fish no matter what the weather is doing. This was my experience on a recent trip to Roosevelt.

Starting in the evening we encountered almost glass calm water which is ideal for worm fishing and casting topwaters to visible boils.

As a monsoon storm approached, the wind and the waves kicked up and we were forced to change techniques to accommodate the conditions.

To locate and draw strikes from the more active bass, we switched to aggressive techniques like crankbaits and spinnerbaits. This resulted in quite a few more bass as we covered lots of water in a short period of time.

When the storm had passed, it calmed back down and once again it was necessary to fish specific targets with a precise presentation.

Lake Reports

Apache: Fishing is good. Double hook, dropshot and Texas rigged worms are pretty hard to beat right now. There has been some topwater action during the early morning and evening hours.

Canyon: Fishing is fair. Texas rigs and Westy Worms are working well if you locate a pocket holding some fish. Bass from 4-8 pounds have not been uncommon.

Pleasant: Fishing is good. Drop shots and Carolina rigs are catching bass on mainlake points and reefs. Night fishing has produced the better quality fish. There has been a little early morning topwater action if you can find the shad boils.

Roosevelt: Fishing is good. Bass are actively feeding up and down points from the bank to about 20 feet. Worms, crankbaits and topwaters are all producing fish. Crappie fishing is good in 15-20 feet with grubs and minnows. Some fishermen have also been successful at night under a crappie light.

Saguaro: Fishing is fair. Westy Worms and Carolina rigs have been producing some nice bass on mainlake points and bluffs. Yellow bass have been biting on spoons and tailspinners near schools of shad.

Blue Ridge Reservoir: Fishing is fair. Troll small lures like Rebel Craws and Crickhoppers. Deeper diving models are working best during the heat of the day and shallow divers have been productive under lower light conditions.

Woods Canyon: Fishing is good. Trolling small lures like spinners and Z-Rays has been productive as well as the "cowbells" rig. Trout have also been falling for Wooly Worm flies in the evening and early morning hours.

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