Cadets, Crafters Provide Full Plate Of Fun



The Christopher/Kohl's Fire Cadets had their car wash this Saturday and Sunday and although we did get a lot of rain this weekend the residents showed their support.

When I arrived to have my truck washed there were four cadets working hard, Ashley Rhodes, Jessica Slapnicka, Falecia Padilla, and Jessica Naggy were busy at work. One good thing was if they got hot they could hose themselves down with plenty of cold water. I also heard later that day they were in the dunk tank that was left behind from the fourth, that must have been fun.

After I had my truck washed my daughter Frankie and I drove over to the Landmark parking lot and visited with the crafters. We stopped and talked with Henry Dombrowski and his wife, Susan at Henski's Originals are Wood and Antler creations. Henry makes some unique table and floor lamps made of manzanita wood and elk antlers. He also makes hall trees out of manzanita and uses elk horns for the post. His creations are quite awesome and prices from around $125 to $500. He also has some cute business card holders for $10. While talking to Henry I found out that his parents Art and Mary built the old gas station that used to sit where Creekside Steakhouse is back in 1960.

After talking with Henry and Susan, we stopped and bought some kettle corn from Tom Orr. Tom has been up here for five years in the summer selling his kettle corn. Boy, is that stuff addicting. I think we had it all eaten before we got home, and we don't live that far away.

After having a nice chat with Tom, and enjoying his kettle corn we stopped and visited with Jean Rathgeber who has Moondown Creations, which is unique handcrafted jewelry. Jean had a nice assortment of handmade jewelry along with incense and incense burners, essential oils, aromatherapy burners, all natural lip balm, and shea butter. A lot of specialty items including handmade pine needle baskets. I told Jean you would have to have a lot of patience to make those. But what a way to use pine needles. You could make thousands if you cleaned up some yards around here.

If you have a free weekend take a drive up to Christopher Creek and visit with these crafters. They are going to be here through October, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You might find something you really like, and meet some really nice folks. If you have anything for my article you can reach me at 478-4519.

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