If You Don't Like It Here, Move To Mexico



I'm still not sure why some people in Rim country still cannot honestly deal with the circumstance that the root problem most people have with the illegal alien problem is that it's "illegal."

I suppose many, such as Ms. Olmos, would rather look the other way as regards the illegality of their being here. I guess some crimes are OK so long as the perpetrators are "hard working."

She even used the "racist" word while at the same time deriding those who resort to name calling. I would draw her attention to the original piece and she will find that the person who wrote that "opinion" was the one who called anyone who supports the Arizona First Initiative as "racists."

She (Ms. Olmos) and others who feel as she does have still not offered any viable solution and I honestly believe they have not a clue as to the magnitude of the problem.

If they are ashamed to live in Payson, then as a free American, they have the right to go somewhere else. Might I offer Mexico as a potential relocation spot.

Ron Hamric, Pine

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