Payson Elementary School


At Payson Elementary, we always celebrate past successes while planning for the future. Here are just a few:

• Continued improvement of environmental study with the addition of an outdoor classroom ramada as well as a digital weather station connected to the library and our school server.

• New roof, parking lot, and air conditioning.

• The addition of after-school academic intervention classes that are challenging and fun as well as addressing specific needs of specific students and preparing them for the AIMS.

• The best year I can remember in terms of discipline problems, playground scuffles, etc.

• Very successful AR program schoolwide. There is no doubt, students are reading independently more than ever.

• A solid, consistent phonics program in reading and spelling in primary classrooms and intervention classrooms.

• Excellent teacher training in Step Up to Writing.

• Outstanding Stanford 9 scores at all levels.

• Very positive and lucrative fundraisers and book fairs thanks to excellent community support.

As the school year approaches, we look forward to continued enhancement in the areas of student achievement including further sharpening of intervention programs for students experiencing difficulty or new students who need to be caught up. We are also excited to continue the implementation of a phonics based systematic approach to reading and spelling with further application in the writing process. Continued and improved longitudinal data collection and analysis of student preparation and performance on the Arizona State Standards as measured by the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS).

We continue to be committed to providing a school with a positive climate and culture, conducive to parents and community in partnering with the school to provide the best education possible for each child.

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