Payson High School


Students can look forward to another busy school year at Payson High School. We're anticipating an enrollment of 930 students.

Tenth graders this year (the class of 2006) will be required to pass the AIMS test.

We've moved to 4A and will have a changed athletic schedule with new challenges.

We welcome eight new teachers: Ms. Hayes (PE), Mr. Meidinger (Math), Mrs. Young (Science), Mrs. Siler (Drama), Mrs. DeWeese (Math), Ms. Kinnick (Math), Ms. McGinnes (English) and Ms. McKeown. Mrs. Peggy Miles will be our District Health Specialist. Our new football coach is Mr. Jerry Rhoades.

Attendance is very important for success in school. This year, the attendance policy will be strictly enforced. School begins at 8 a.m. Students will be expected to be in their seats ready to work at that time. Channel One has been moved to end of first hour.

Students who drive to school must purchase a parking sticker in order to park in the school parking lots. The stickers will cost $15 and will be valid for one semester. Stickers will go on sale during the first two weeks of school. Beginning with the third week, cars must have a parking sticker in order to park in any school lot.

Students and teachers will wear their school identification badges every day. This will provide greater security on campus because we will be able to readily identify those people who do not belong on our campus.

The staff is looking forward to another great year.

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