The Shelby School


The Shelby School has much to look forward to in its fourth year as a public charter school.

The elementary program (K-6) will be supported by seven full-time teachers and two aides, which enables us to keep our student-teacher ratio very low. We will continue to integrate chess into our curriculum as a critical thinking program, along with brand new social studies and science programs.

Students will see plays, fifth and sixth graders will attend a space mission at the Challenger Space Center, and we will be involved in many local events such as the Main Street Christmas tree competition and Gila County Fair.

Middle school and high school students also will be integrating chess into their curriculum. Along with core curriculum, electives will include ballet, Tai Chi (taught by local certified instructor, Rick Clark), Equine Science and Mac lab. Students will be involved in designing a student newsletter, a yearbook, and websites. Accelerated courses will be offered via computer curriculum as well as a G.E.D. course open to the public.

Over the past two years, we have had a great deal of expansion in facilities and student attendance.

Parents have expressed a great deal of happiness with the school and, according to last year's ADE parent satisfaction survey, we were ranked fourth in the state overall and our academic progress scores average well above the rest of the state.

As an educational option, our students and parents are of highest priority. They are involved in the development of new programs and provide direction within and beyond the general curriculum. We hope to continue this progress through the next school year.

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