Tonto Basin Elementary School


Tonto Basin School has always had combined classrooms, where two or more grade levels shared a common classroom and teacher. The big change this year is the realignment of grade levels to aid in the achievement of the benchmark goals set forth in the Arizona State Standards. With the addition to our faculty of our newest certified teacher, Tammy McLellan, our kindergarten and first grade will be placed together in a brand new classroom. Second and third grades will be taught collectively, as will fourth and fifth grades. In sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, the new alignment will allow us to pursue the middle school concept where all of those students will be shared by a team of two teachers.

We are looking forward to continuing and expanding our new Accelerated Reading program, which was a huge success last year. We are adding Accelerate Math into our program this year, and we are excited at the prospect of giving our students even more opportunities to learn. "Step Up to Writing" is another program for which all our teachers are receiving training. Tonto Basin School is, and will continue to be, committed to the pursuit of excellence for our students.

The students and staff are looking forward to our second year with a breakfast and lunch program in our new cafeteria, something we never had before last year. The cafeteria staff has done a beautiful job of creating nutritious and exciting menus, and because it is still such a novelty to us, it is certainly worth mentioning.

Through all the physical changes to our campus and the positive discipline program used by our entire staff, we have created a very pleasant and safe environment for our students at Tonto Basin School. As our attendance has significantly increased, our discipline problems have greatly decreased. We are all proud of the changes the last few years have brought to our little school.

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