Trying To Do What's Right For The Community



I do not wish to comment on most of the statements of Mr. Greg Bounds in his interview in the July 22, 2003 edition of the Payson Roundup. I don't believe that this is the proper forum. I do feel I must clarify two points he made.

The first was a statement that "not one board member asked the chief (Kent Courtney) what he wants."

In the budget procedure that I was involved in, the chief submitted a proposed budget in which he requested monies for specific items. This was revised and discussed line by line with him in an open workshop. Mr. Bounds was not in attendance at this workshop. I believe this to be the chief conveying to me his needs and wants.

The other issue was the lack of experience and knowledge of fire service. I was the first EMT/firefighter of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department. I was on the fire department approximately four years in the 1980s. I have owned my own business and have worked many years for companies and institutions where I helped formulate and execute budgets. The lack of experience in public office can only be gained by serving in public office.

I don't wish to get involved in he said/she said, but I accepted this position because I wanted to be involved in my community. Before I was sworn in, I was approached at my place of work by Mr. Bounds, and was told that with the assistance of a representative of the attorney general's office, an investigation of other members of the board and myself would be started, and that this official would be in attendance at the next board meeting (my first meeting).

Having been a member of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire District community since 1976, I am concerned for this community and the fire department, and feel responsible to all taxpayers.

While I do not fully understand why some members of the community do not support my membership on the board of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire District, I can assure them we have the same desire to see the community succeed in its ability to service the area in fire protection and emergency response.

Jerry Fisher, Payson

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