We Just Want To Preserve America



Amanda Lee Myers says she felt a responsibility to respond with accuracy to the barrage of opposition to her July 11 opinion. I would like to know what is "accurate" about her response?

Anyone who shops pays sales tax -- how hard was that to figure out? Unless you are paying with food stamps that many illegals get simply for crossing illegally and dropping an "anchor baby." A so-called "legal citizen," born to someone breaking the laws. That baby now entitles the illegals to our social services -- something law abiding citizens pay for through their taxes.

Many illegals come into businesses and to homes selling burritos, tamales, etc., without a business license, a health inspection of their kitchens, and guess what else? No sales tax to pay to the government. Wow. What a deal. Who wouldn't want to break a few laws just to have people like Amanda give out the perks. If she took the time, or really cared, she could do a little research and actually find some facts on the subject. Instead, she only seems to be apologizing for being an American.

She excuses their crime: "They cannot afford to literally wait years to pass myriad legalization requirements." Gosh, screening applicants for disease and criminal records -- how terrible.

I think that Amanda is the racist. She is all for giving our country to Mexicans. After all, they just come here to work, right? Or, will she also allow anyone else from any other country to enter illegally? Maybe they just want to work also?

And while she's at it, don't ask any of them to be a part of our society as we know it, because millions all over the world want the life that Americans have, they just don't want to assimilate into our culture -- they want us to accommodate theirs.

Politicians do not represent the common American. Because they are lacking in enforcing our immigration laws, does that mean that we who are being invaded should not care either? If cities like Phoenix build taxpayer funded day labor centers for the illegals to work illegally, don't you think that will be encouraging more to come?

People like Amanda scream racism when they don't have a good argument supported with facts to back them up. The people Amanda calls racist are those who only want to preserve American history and culture. Why is that wrong?

Colette Downes, Payson

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