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Re: White Mountain Tribe/ Valinda Jo Elliott (July 8, Roundup)

I am thoroughly confused in the reporting of the Payson Roundup and The Arizona Republic regarding Valinda Jo and her companion.

When the story first was reported, the gentleman was going to service vending machines in Young, Ariz. He brought a female he recently met to go along with him. Now we read that he and Valinda Jo were out hunting for Native American pots.

The facts in prior reports stated he was an experienced woodsman, camper, and has been to Young in the past. Now they were lost in taking a back road after following directions from who, what, where, etc.

If he were to service vending machines, I would hope he was there before and brought supplies!!

Why is there not any pursuit of a civil suit of the gentleman? He took her up there, ran out of gas, passed out, and on awakening, did not find her, so went down the hill.


  • Was he an experienced woodsman, been to Young in the past?
  • Did he have a survivor kit, extra water, blankets, extra fuel, emergency food, maps, metal detector, shovels, trowels, magnifying glass, packing material for souvenirs, etc., or just beer?
  • Did he not honk his horn; the sound could carry, where she possibly could locate the vehicle?
  • What or why did he pass out? Exhaustion from digging -- I doubt it!!
  • Did anyone find and retrieve his vehicle? Was any inventory taken as to what was in the vehicle?
  • The news copter located by the fire. They landed and saved her. In her anxiety in being found, she ran to the copter. Now, here are experienced news people, an eye for the detail, saw her with fire, landed, took off, and yet did not notice fires still going?? They were distracted, it appears from seeing the smoke of the continuing fire. Copters rotor blades give a huge wind factor. Did this aid in furthering the fire? Did they run out of fuel? Were they distracted?

• Did they EVAC her to a medical center, fly around seeing sights, record any conversation, whether by video or notes? Were they apprised of her gentleman friend, and that he was in the wilderness?

  • How did she get home?

Thank you ever so much for your patience. Sorry for the delay in responding, but I keep getting interrupted, plus the fact of trying to analyze what really happened.

David S. McElrea, Payson

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