Bond Issue Full Of ‘Blunders'



The federal government is one-half trillion dollars in debt. Our state is looking at a billion dollar deficit. Gila County is short of money because of lost copper mining. Payson has a decline in sales tax revenue. The stock market has broke many residents. There is an increase of low-income residents coming to Payson.

Is this the time for the town to ask the citizens for a yes vote on bonds? A yes vote will put the town around 13 million dollars in debt. This includes the two million dollars presently committed to paying off South McLane Road, a town maintenance building and airport T-hangars.

Senior citizens, low-income and middle-income families better take a careful look at the bonding ballot. Notice the many "wants" and the few "needs" on the ballots.

Vote for more ball fields, and you get an $850,000 rodeo stadium "cover." (Sell the stadium.)

Vote for streets, and you get more new streets and few upgraded streets that are, if you look carefully, streets for more traffic, as they become "bypass" streets. There is no money left for major street repair, such as the deplorable streets in Payson North. Manzanita Street between Timber and Highway 260 has been on the town budget for repair for years.

A huge blunder is paving Mud Springs Road from Frontier Street to Highway 260. There is no need to pave Mud Springs beyond Granite Dells Road. To run Mud Springs to 260 just so school buses can turn right is ridiculous.

The great danger of Mud Springs Road running to Highway 260 is "accidents," and an increase of stop signs running at Frontier and at Granite Dells intersections. With a school located on Mud Springs, our school children's lives will be in danger. The intersection of 260 and Mud Springs will be the biggest accident corner in Payson, especially since a $225,000 stoplight is a year or more down the road and the taxpayers will have to pay for it. Most people entering 260 from Mud Springs will be people either going to the college or turning left to go to the shopping centers. Without a light, it will be a killer corner. With a light, there will be more frustrated drivers heading out of Payson on 260.

Regarding the bond for new computers for the police and fire departments -- let them buy them at a slower pace and use our town budget to purchase them.

Thirteen million dollars is a lot of debt for the retired people of Payson.

David Engleman, Payson

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